[TAW] Give our jobs back!

You took our jobs!

You took our jobs!

Here is one I received for my 30th birthday a few months ago.

It’s quite nostalgia-inducing to think that people born in the late 90’s and after won’t even know what cassettes and floppy disks are, but thinking about it makes me wonder: in the age of digital media distribution, do little kids even know what a CD is?

Music is now purchased from online stores, software is downloaded directly from the manufacturer site or from application stores, even traditional videogame consoles are slowly turning towards digital-only distribution!

They keep saying it’s for our convenience, but of course we know it’s simply to destroy the second hand resales market, and to try to prevent piracy. The piracy part will not work, at least not until they offer us correct prices without losing the freedom to use our content, but the second hand market has taken a serious blow.

You can help preventing this by buying your online content only from retailers who do not use DRM, thus keeping your reselling rights as well as the rights to use your legally obtained content in as many devices as you want. Of course, if you download illegally, you already have these freedoms, and for less money.

Will someone understand that in order to make people pay for content they need to make it as easy and convenient for us as the pirate-provided content? That would be the way to seriously lower piracy rates.

Basically, when you sit to watch a DVD (even worse on some BluRays), or some VOD, you have to play through ads threatening you and telling you that you will go to jail for pirating and blablabla, then the movie starts. When you sit to watch a pirated movie, you just press play, and the movie starts. Better value, and cheaper. C’mon, distributors, get it right and people will pay! There are many other examples of this you can find all around the net.

That was the rant of the day, by Gonzo

[TAW] Escape from the rock

Training for triathlon

Training for triathlon

I first saw this t-shirt somewhere in the early 2000’s. Some guy from the university I was going to had it. Fast forward about ten years, I am visiting San Francisco and browsing around the little stores in Chinatown, and here it is!

I didn’t get to visit Alcatraz, but I’ve seen enough TV documentaries to guess that such an escape could prove quite difficult, especially the swimming part!

[TAW] A big tree



Here is another that comes from quite far away.

In Madagascar there are a few clothing brands that seem to be overtaking the country and especially the tourist areas, Roots is one of them.

Each time I stopped somewhere to eat, in each (big enough )village, you could see at least a shop selling them.

Another very common brand was Carambole. Both had really nice designs, and I really hope they are owned by locals, since they probably generate quite some local employment. I haven’t looked further to see if that is the case, maybe I will before posting a t-shirt from another trip to Madagascar.

See you next week!

[TAW] Hard Rock Cafe – San Francisco

Hard Rock Cafe - San Francisco

Hard Rock Cafe – San Francisco

Hard Rock Cafe - San Francisco - Back

Hard Rock Cafe – San Francisco – Back

Checking the date I guess I should be posting some jokes or pranks or something funny today. Well, I won’t. I said I would be posting t-shirt pictures, and I will do that.

This one is yet another Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, and quite a recent one in my collection. My wife and I had a lunch in that cafe, hamburgers of course, and it was quite nice.

As usual in HRC, staff is very friendly although they can sometimes be a bit invading with all the “do you need anything else” questions every few minutes. Still, the cafe is great, the food is amazing and San Francisco is a city worth visiting.

From all the US cities I’ve visited, I think San Francisco was the easiest one to live. People were more open to others, and more understanding of foreign stuff which is a thing many Americans lack.

That’s it. See you next week!

[TAW] We’re all mad here

We're all mad here

We’re all mad here

I can’t remember who said that and if it was in the first or second Alice book, but that was true.

I’m a big fan of Alice in Wonderland (and Through the looking glass, the second book), and was very happy to find this t-shirt showing Alice speaking with the caterpillar.

The text “We’re all mad here” is also the title of the last song of my band’s album, check our work in http://haeresisproject.be !

[TAW] Can he swing from a web?

He is a spider pig

He is a spider pig

No he can’t, he’s a pig!

And that’s about all I have to say about this t-shirt. Whoever doesn’t know who spider pig is should google it and watch the right movie.

[TAW] What’s that 0-1 stuff?

You are dumb

You are dumb

  • Sorry, what does your t-shirt say?
  • Dude, Matrix was a long time ago!
  • Do you actually understand binary?
  • Is that how you speak with computers?

That’s about what I hear when wearing this t-shirt. But unfortunately, the only fun one to hear is the first one, since I can simply answer “You are dumb”, which is the actual text written on the t-shirt.

It’s standard ASCII binary, and of course there are more things than just that written on it, and of courseĀ  I haven’t wasted my time translating the rest of if, but it’s just fun when people ask and you can just throw a “You are dumb” to their faces.

[TAW] Hard Rock Cafe – Stockholm

Hard Rock Cafe - Stockholm

Hard Rock Cafe – Stockholm

Here goes another Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. This one is from Stockholm, and I did not travel to get this one.

It was a present from some friends who did travel there. Because of that, I do not have much of a story to tell about it, wait for next week for something more interesting I guess.

[TAW] Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys

You can't see us

You can’t see us

They DO exist. And since they are ninjas, you cannot see them until it’s too late. They are these creatures sitting in dark rooms, typing code on black monitors with green text on them.

Don’t worry, you won’t notice them and they won’t harm you, but thanks to them your computer works and you can play stuff online, purchase stuff online, type stuff on word processors…

It would be nice if someone thanked the developers at least once.

p.s. I know, the picture is rotated to the left. So what?

[TAW] Clasically trained



This one comes from London. I spent a long weekend there with my wife, and while exploring the area of Camden we saw this kiosk that sold tons of geeky t-shirts.

It was hard to decide which one to take. They had stuff from the old transformers cartoon, several videogame-related ones (including space invaders and pacman!), but at the end I chose this one.

Although my old videogame training comes more from the Sega side than Nintendo (good old Master System, then Game Gear, then Megadrive…), I think the NES is the old-school videogame icon and nobody can dispute that.