This is an old-fashioned blog. The main reason why I started this blog is to write ideas, thoughts, stories or anything that passed through my head, without expecting anything from it other than having a notepad of past thoughts available. So what can you expect to read here? Right now, my topics of interest are:

  • Motorcycles (I have a dedicated blog for that, but some stuff might bounce here)
  • Running
  • Travels and mountains
  • Photography and sketching (not very often, I agree)
  • Music (listening, playing, writing and producing)
  • Development (the computer-related one, and maybe the personal one)
  • Random stories that pop in my head

I’m not trying to monetise this blog, I’m not selling anything, I’m not sponsored by any brand (and if it happens, I’ll say it), and I don’t plan of mirroring this on social media, nor creating social media communities. Basically, if you are here, you can read anything without need of leaving the site. Now, here are a few questions and answers. Not necessarily a FAQ, since nobody has asked me any of these. It’s just a bunch of things I’d like to explain:

  • Why IceWind? I have a weak spot for mountains in winter. Especially one particular location on earth about which I’ll probably write at some point. Mountains in winter have ice and snow, and are windy. I like black metal music, whose main topic is often iced northern lands. Also, when the .be domain name first became available I quickly grabbed one that sounded nice to have it at hand, in case I later decided to do something with it.
  • I remember something about t-shirts on this site, what happened to that? The current version of this site is, if I recall correctly, the third reboot of the blog. It did have other topics before, of course. The fact of you remembering the t-shirts makes me happy, it means someone did read this 🙂.
  • How frequently should I expect new content here? You shouldn’t. Whenever I have something to write I’ll write it, but I don’t think it will be very frequently.
  • What if I have another question? Well, there is a contact form somewhere on this site, feel free to ask there. Or in the comments, or in a blog post … If it’s general enough it might end up added here.